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We’re approximately 1/3 stock on hand, 1/3 POD and 1/3 of orders go to our fulfillment center.  Depending on what you ordered will determine how fast your purchase will ship.  On average most packages will arrive within 7 business days* via USPS.

When you first place an order at Gifts For Men you’ll receive an email that your order is processing.  Once tracking information becomes available (usually within 1-2 days) you will receive another email with tracking number(s) and a notice that your order has either been “Shipped” or “Partially Shipped”.  A “Partially Shipped” order means you’ll have packages coming from 2 or more of our suppliers and we’ll send additional emails with subsequent tracking info as they become available.  You can track your order progress at anytime by visiting the My Account page.

*Custom/Personalized items can take longer as they are custom made for the customer.  Also please note that customized items are not returnable per our Return Policy.

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