Travel Fishing Pole Gift For Men With Carrying Case & Lures


You’re not going to reel in giant fish with this travel size fishing pole but hey, It’s a travel size FISHING POLE!  What man doesn’t want a travel size fishing pole?  Also makes for good addition to emergency survival kit!

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Travel Fishing Pole Gift For Men With Carrying Case & Lures

This emergency or travel size fishing pole features a telescopic fishing rod, a spinning fishing reel, 100m fishing line, artificial baits, fishing hooks, Jig head, barrel swivels, minnows, and a portable lightweight fishing bag. The travel fishing travel kit is suitable for the traveling fisherman and makes for a perfect gift.

Complete Fishing Kit: 1 Telescopic Fishing Rod + 1 Spinning Fishing Reel + Fishing Bag Case + Various Fishing Lures + Fishing Hooks + 100-Meter Fishing Line + Some Necessary Fishing Accessories.
Fishing Rod: High density carbon fiber material makes the fishing rod hard and durable. The fishing rod is telescopic and portable, very convenient to carry around.
Fishing Reel: Deluxe spinning fishing reel is left and right interchangeable. It features durable metal spool, comfortable ABS folding handle and high-tensile graphite body with instant anti-reverse system.
Fishing Bag Case: Fishing bag is made of anti-scratch nylon and filled with soft EVA sponge, provide your fishing tackle with all-around protection. The big capacity has enough storage space for your tackle.
Fishing Accessories: This kit comes with 100-meter fishing line and some necessary fishing accessories, including various lures, hooks, jig heads and so on. Full kit is great for both novice and professionals. It is lightweight and portable, very convenient to carry around.

Fishing Rod:
Material: Carbon fiber
Extended length: 1.5m-7 sections / 1.8m-8 sections / 2.1m-9 sections (Optional)
Retractable length: 33cm / 35cm / 37cm
Weight: 113g / 146g / 176g

Fishing Reel:
Material: Metal
Line capacity: 0.20/270 0.25/120 0.30/140 (mm/m)
8/215 10/190 12/130 (LBS/YDS)
Gear Ratio: 5:5:1
Weight: 273g / 9.6oz

Fishing Bag:
Material: Nylon
Case Size: 49 * 14.5 * 9cm / 19 * 5.7 * 3.51in

Package Size: 49 * 14.5 * 9cm / 19 * 5.7 * 3.51in
Package Weight: 795g / 1.75lb

Package List:
1 * Fishing Rod
1 * Fishing Reel
1 * 100m Fishing Line
1 * Accessories Box:
2 * Minnow
5 * Crank Hook
5 * Barrel Swivel
3 * Jig Head
5 * 55mm Green Grub
5 * Noctilucent Jellyfish

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  1. A***v

    A good set for a beginner.

  2. C***n

    I think it’s a great gift idea, even for the “pro fisherman” to try a travel pole like this. It’s not of the quality that a full size fishing pole but it’s pretty neat and comes with a bunch of lures to try.

  3. F***i

    Excellent quality! Durable, stretchable pole, complete kit!

  4. Y***v

    Everything is super! Very fast shipping! Decent quality spinning, coils!!!! Thank you store!!!

  5. A***v

    I liked it, NOT for catching giant sized fish but it’s a pretty cool unique fishing pole, what do you expect from a TRAVEL fishing pole that folds up into a bag.

  6. R***r

    It’s not bad but it’s not 100% good fishing pole. I guess it’s an okay idea for a “gift for men” fishing pole that’s isn’t going to get a lot of use, or for travel.

  7. S***k

    You’re not going to be pulling in any bull reds with this, this pole is more of an “emergency” pole if you’re stranded on an island and have nothing else. 2-stars.

  8. Customer

    Works really good, for the price you can buy a full size fishing pole but that being said this is made to fold up and be travel size fishing pole.

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