Survival Set Gifts For Men With Box


Excellent gift choice Survival Set for men who love camping, hunting, fishing or for survival enthusiast.

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Mountain Survival Set. 5″ closed lockback.  Textured black composition handle with finger grips. Lanyard hole. 3-7/8” clip point blade. . Comes with Line Strand paracord bracelet with compass, safety whistle, and fire strike. Internal line is made of fishing line. Black nylon belt sheath. Complete Gift Box!

This is the perfect gift for any survivalist. If you are going camping, fishing, hunting, or mountaineering this is a must! The paracord bracelet can be unwound. Once unwed it can be used for a variety of survival situations. This  gives you better piece of mind when securing hammocks, heavy objects, tents, and so much more. Additionally, the compass can be used to gather your bearings and get you pointed back in the direction of safety. The safety whistle can be audibly heard by any rescue searchers that will be nearby.

This survival kit is also equipped with a fire strike. This feature is priceless in a survivalist situation. A fire can keep you warm and warn off predators. Additionally, if you find yourself with no fresh water, a fire can boil water, making it able to be consumed. One can also cook food using the fire, ensuring all potential bacteria has been throughly cooked out. The fishing line that can be found in the internal line will be vital to catching food. If you like to travel or be adventurous this is the gift for you! If you know someone who loves to travel or is adventurous they will love this survival set gift box.



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