Gift For Hunters – Bone Handle Short Skinner Knife W/Leather Sheath


A must have gift for hunters, Bone Knife Short Skinner makes the perfect gift for the outdoorsman.

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A great gift for hunters.  5″ Bone Handle Short Skinner. Stainless Steel Blade. Includes Top Grain Leather Sheath.  It arrives fairly dull but he’ll enjoy the time spending on sharping the knife – it builds character!  If he’s already got character he’ll have more after sharping this knife.

The short skinner knife measures at 6″overall. The handle is constructed using white bone. Bones of deceased animals are used extensively to make handles for knives. This enables the user a stronger grip. In addition, in terms of appearance, fixed blade knives with bone handles are extremely desirable. The process that gives these bones their exquisite surface texture is called jigging. Jigging takes modified bits that are cut out of the pieces of bone, making it such a special process. Therefore, these handles are easy to shape and make the knives extremely durable. The functionality and unique look of these knives make them very popular with knife collectors and knife aficionados.

Since this is a hunting knife it is specially made to complete all hunting preparation tasks. From skinning the animal, to cutting the meat, this knife does it all. The bone handle knife also comes with a top grain leather sheath. This is very convenient for transporting the knife without worrying that the knife will fall out and hurt someone. This is a wonderful gift for any outdoors man, hunter, or survivalist. Any knife collector would also love to have this in their collection. The beautiful animal bone handle construction is a show off piece in and of itself. If you are looking for a gift for a man this is a great product. Whether you are shopping for a husband, boyfriend, brother, son, or father, all will be happy to receive this exceptional bone handle skinner knife. A great knife to Make It Do.



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