MAKE IT DO® Coasters With Hunting or Fishing Design Gift For Men (set of 4)


Wood coaster gift made from cedar wood coaster gift for men is beautiful and makes the perfect gift for any man.  These cedar coasters are hand crafted in the USA!


This wood coaster gift made from cedar wood are hand crafted in Magnolia, TX.  They measure approximately 3.5-4″ wide and are approximately 1/4″ thick (or less).  Please note, thickness and size will vary.  They will have small imperfections but are absolutely beautiful and make for the perfect gifts for men, you can still smell the fresh cut cedar!  They are sanded to 400 grit for a smooth feel and have 1 coat of polyurethane to help protect from moisture.  Comes in sets of 4 with your choice of either hunting or fishing design BURNED into the wood.  The back sides are blank with no designs. These coaster sets are one of a kind. They can be used in the home, kitchen, or office. They are functional and beautiful. Moreover, they are individually handcrafted from the finest cedar. Similarly, this product was created to add a rustic and traditional look to ones home. In addition, these coasters handle cold and hot temperatures as they protect your tablecloth and / or table from ring stains.  If you have a man in your life who loves to hunt or fish, or just loves being a man, he will love these coasters. Get back to nature with these cedar wood coasters. The rich scent of cedar is still smelt in these beautiful handcrafted coasters. Whether you need something to keep your coffee table from getting rings or you just want some rustic decor for your home. These coasters are the answer. Men are happy to place their drinks down on one of these handcrafted beauties.


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    Handmade coasters are nice and made in the USA.

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