LED Folding Pocket Knife With Spring Loaded Blade Open-Button


Hands down our favorite pocket knife, spring loaded and even has an small LED light on back side.

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This LED Folding Pocket Knife is one of our favorite pocket knives made of wood and stainless.  This pocket knife has a button that releases the spring-loaded blade into place.  There is also a safety switch on this pocket knife to prevent accidental opening and even includes a small LED flashlight on backside of knife.  A great gift for men!

The LED Folding Pocket Knife is a high quality knife made up of a wood handle. Furthermore, the blade is a striking stainless steel. It measures approximately 7.5″  in overall length. The handle is beautifully crafted with natural wood. Additionally, this knife is equipped with an LED light. This light can be used as a regular flashlight or to help see what you are doing while using the knife. It is a great conversation piece with this added light feature. Everyone will be asking where you found this knife. It is such a unique design. The holes at the end of the knife make it more lightweight and easy to maneuver. Additionally, the holes make the knife easier to grip and it allows the attachment of either a carabiner or lanyard, depending on ones preference.

This knife is the perfect gift for the avid outdoorsman and hunter. The exquisite workmanship of this knife overall will have any knife owner in love with this design. In addition, this knife comes sharp and ready for use. This knife can be used on hunting trips and fishing trips. Furthermore, any camping trip would be well served with this knife being brought along. The stainless steel blade is great for cutting. This would be a great gift for any dad, husband, boyfriend, brother, or son. Similarly, this is a great gift for any collector of knives. This knife is great for any survivalist, survivalist training, or mountaineering.


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