Indian Head Feather Knife


Don’t let the small size fool you, this pocket knife is sharp and features an Indian head and feather design.

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Indian Head Feather Knife. 3 1/2″ closed. Stainless blade with thumb slot cutout and extended tang. Antique finish metal handles in shape of feather.

This small, featherweight knife is sure to be a hit with anyone wanting a small but mighty blade. The Indian head feather knife measure approximately 5″ when fully open. It measures 3.5″ when closed. It comes with a stainless steel blade. Additionally, it is equipped with a thumb slot cutout and extended tang. The handle is shaped and designed to look like a feather. Furthermore, it is adorned with and Indian head.

The beautiful construction on this knife will be a hit with any collector or knife aficionado. This knife is the perfect gift for the man who is minimalistic. The exquisite artwork detailed on this knife will have any knife owner in love with this design. In addition, this knife comes sharp and ready for use. This knife can be used on hunting trips and fishing trips. Furthermore, any camping trip would be well served with this knife being brought along. The stainless steel blade is great for cutting. This would be a great gift for any dad, husband, boyfriend, brother, or son. Similarly, this is a great gift for any collector of knives. This knife is a great alternative to a bigger pocket knife and is great for any survivalist, survivalist training, or mountaineering.


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