Firefighter Knife RESCUE Knife – Perfect Gift For Firefighters!


A must have for Firefighters!  This rescue pocket knife features window break tool and seatbelt cutter.

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RED FIREFIGHTER RESCUE KNIFE. 4.5″ closed. Speed assist opening. Red handle with clip and integrated glass breaker and seat belt cutter. Stainless steel blade with radial thumbstud and linerlock.

This stunning knife makes a great impression, has an beautiful design with ” Fire Fighter” on blade!  Makes a great gift idea for our fire fighting HEROS!


The detailing on this knife is beautiful. From the FIRE FIGHTER writing on the blade, to the exquisite handle construction.  In addition, the added in uses for this knife are a perfect addition to any collection. The seat belt cutter feature is a must for any outing. Whether it be yourself or another trapped in a vehicle, this tool will easily cut through the seat belt material, freeing the occupant. The glass breaker is also an essential when traveling in a vehicle. If for any reason the window will not go down or a door will not open, the glass breaker will ensure an exit. Furthermore, this is a great knife for the avid hunter. Similarly, a fisherman would also love to sport this beautifully designed knife. This is a great gift for those who love our first responders and for those who are patriotic and love our country. Furthermore, this is a great gift for any collector of knives. The blade is sharp and ready for use. The clip makes it easy to grab and go, while knowing the knife is secure in ones pocket. The blade is a stainless steel blade with linerlock. It measures 4.5″ closed. This knife is the perfect gift for the avid outdoorsman. This knife can be used on hunting trips and fishing trips. Furthermore, any camping trip would be well served with this knife being brought along. The stainless steel blade is great for cutting.


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