Deer Hunter Pocket Knife Artwork Inlay On Aluminum Handle


A beautiful pocket knife for men makes the perfect gift and has deer artwork inlayed on aluminum handle.

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Deer hunter pocket knife makes the perfect gift for men, moreover, the perfect gift for hunters. 4.5″ long closed. Assisted opening. Stainless steel blade with inner lock.

This high quality pocket knife comes with a red aluminum handle. A beautifully designed buck and doe featured artwork is inlayed into the handle. The knife measures approximately 8″ fully opened. It measures 4.5″ closed. The blade is made of stainless steel. This knife also comes equipped with a clip for easy transport. Additionally, the clip secures the knife so it will not fall out of ones pocket.

This knife is the perfect gift for the avid outdoorsman and hunter. The exquisite artwork detailed on this knife will have any knife owner in love with this design. In addition, this knife comes sharp and ready for use. This knife can be used on hunting trips and fishing trips. Furthermore, any camping trip would be well served with this knife being brought along. The stainless steel blade is great for cutting. This would be a great gift for any dad, husband, boyfriend, brother, or son. Similarly, this is a great gift for any collector of knives. This knife is great for any survivalist, survivalist training, or mountaineering. Additionally, any collector of deer would be thrilled to have this pocket knife.


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